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What's New
SmartJump Update 18.11.2012
Long time no hear :(

Anyway, I managed to update SmartJump for PowerBuilder 12.5 and even PowerBuilder 15! Simply go to the SmartJump page for the details.

SmartPaste for PowerBuilder 12.5 06.10.2011
Here we go: SmartPaste for PowerBuilder 12.5 is available for download. This is a minor upgrade to SmartPaste 12, so licenses for the v12 version are still valid. Go to the download page to grab it.

SmartPaste for PowerBuilder 12 (and 11.5 of course :) released 08.11.2009
It has been very silent on this page for some time.

But now there is a new version of SmartPaste for PowerBuilder 12 available.

Please note: there is no update system for single user license - a new license is needed. Company licenses can be updated for half the price of the full product.

Please visit the Download-Page to download SmartPaste for PowerBuilder 12.

Price Adjustment 15.08.2007
Due to the massive decline of the US dollar compared to the Euro (and also because of inflation) prices for our tools needed to be updated. Price base will be Euro as of now (but you can sure pay in US$ without any troubles).
Prices stay low, for details please visit the page with purchase details

PowerBuilder 11 support 12.08.2007
I have posted versions of all tools that support PowerBuilder 11 (as well as the previous ones, of course).

Website cleaned... 08.03.2007
The whole last year up until now I had little to no time updating the website. I did a quick check and removed some links. Unfortunately, CrystalByte is offline (together with their marvellous tool yBrowser).

10 PowerBuilder pitfalls 08.03.2007
Well, it has been some time since I posted news here. An article called '10 PowerBuilder pitfalls' has been published in the meantime. You can download it in the links section.

SmartJump for PocketBuilder 10.12.2005
SmartJump has been enhanced in order for it to work with PowerBuilder 10.5 and with PocketBuilder 2. The function to open objects has been changed to be more reliable. SmartJump still is postcard-ware. Instead of paying license fees, please send a nice postcard for our gallery. Enjoy!

SmartJump Card arrived! 09.08.2005
The first SmartJump card arrived a couple of days ago. Follow the link to see the current list. Remember: SmartJump is postcardware. Keep sending those cards!

SmartJump v1.2: enhancements + postcardware 25.07.2005
SmartJump is no longer freeware. It is now postcardware :) Anybody who likes the tool, please send a postcard to the address given in the about box.

SmartJump has been enhanced, it now is able to identify classes for local variables and method argument and will open the corresponding classes when pressing the hotkey while on a variable.


Disclaimer: SmartJump for PB 10 has not been updated yet and is still v1.1 - hope to find time for that soon...