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SmartPaste icon  Welcome to easy PowerBuilder pasting!

Current version 12.5 - download

Recent Changes

  • PowerBuilder 12.5 support

    SmartPaste can paste into v12.5 Classic
  • Please note: there is no update path for single user licenses from PowerBuilder 1.x and PowerBuilder 2.x to 12.x. SmartPaste 2.x Company licenses can be updated for half the price of the full product. For details, please visit the purchase area

Basics - what is SmartPaste?

    SmartPaste is a tool that inserts pieces of text into the active PowerBuilder edit window. Just by one mouseclick you get headers, get- and set-functions and much more automatically pasted into PB!

    All the text that can be pasted is fully configurable using a macro-editor-window.

    These macros can include information about the current script like the name of the function, the parameter list, the return value ...

    Above all that, macros also can include navigation macros, so you can for instance move to the start of the script before you paste some text or can move the cursor to where you think editing will continue after pasting the text.

SmartPaste Main Window

SmartPaste main window

Want to know more? Read the online version of the help file.

Give it a try, you will see how fine it works. Download from here.