The following shows you how to integrate SmartPaste into
your PowerBuilder IDE to be able to do ‘one click headers’.

  1. Rightclick within the PowerBuilder menu area and select ‘New...’

  2. Select any PowerBar

  3. Select ‘Custom’ and drag any icon of your choice to the lower area of the dialog: (for example the smiley :)

  4. In the command line, enter the full path to smartpaste.exe followed by ‘header’. [If you use another name for your header macro, use that instead]
    Afterwards, enter an item text and the microhelp

  5. You’re done! Enjoy SmartPaste headers by clicking on the icon.

    You can enhance your SmartPaste bar now with other macros of your choice.

    PS: If you want SmartPaste to be closed after pasting, use
    the command line swith /c like this:

             smartpaste.exe /c header

One Click Headers

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